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jenifer lake

sold, aztec gold, quetzalcoatl wind, sky & stars talisman hanging

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one special edition quetzalcoatl golden wall hanging!

this golden moon center piece hanging is adorned with an aztec inspired design on the bead; & each bead has a custom, different design - it hangs on tan, leather cord.  each & every piece of these wall hangings are cut, cleaned, dried, fired, glazed by hand, sanded & fired again. the gold piece & gold designs on the bead are a beautiful, metallic overglaze & in total this has been fired 3 times. the gold content is 8% true gold.  these are part of my ongoing moon inspired wall hanging series.  

this talisman hanging is inspired by the aztec god quetzalcoatl --

quetzalcoatl was related to deities of the wind, skies, stars, the planet venus, of the dawn, & of merchants of arts & crafts.  

perfect for your art wall, office, door, nursery, reading nook, or any other room needing some lovely wall work! these are in my studio & ready to ship.