About us

Jenifer Lake's passion for clay started in middle school when she had access to her first ceramic studio class & fell in deep with the potters wheel & handbuilding.  This has continued off & on for just shy of 3 decades now.  She's always learning new things & ways to expand on her clay adoration & repertoire.  A love for well crafted, yet caringly wabi-sabi handmade pieces joined with almost any well made vintage item makes Jenifer a happy lady.  She is a creator at heart & loves to make things in just about all ways; she’s a knitter, a canner/jammer/pickler, a collagist, a self-proclaimed image taker & instant photo maker, a clayer, a drawer, an inconsistent painter, a semi-seamstress, a jewelry maker, & a baker.  Jenifer has been making handmade items & selling since 2004, formerly under the name sprout studio. 
Jenifer has been teaching in various settings for over 15 years. She’s taught at camps, workshops, studios, conferences, & in many classrooms to ages 5 years old to 70+. She often teaches at Handcraft Studio School in El Cerrito & numerous other bay area studios & centers. Sometimes she teaches out of the comfort of her Butchertown home.
She currently is a Kindergarten through 8th grade visual arts teacher in downtown San Francisco. In 2014, she was awarded the Herbst Excellence in Teaching award. Even though she has a southern heart & hails from the southeast originally, she feels lucky to call San Francisco her home.  The only other places she'd rather be is traveling, floating in a Palm Springs pool, camping in the desert in her VW camper van(s), dancing in a second line in New Orleans, or staring at the rooftops at sunset in Paris.  
You can find Jenifer on Instagram & Facebook. She can also be reached at jenifer_lake@icloud.com