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jenifer lake

zen knolling meditation box; diamonds & rust sculpture collection

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i've been working towards this new series for quite some time now.  they incorporate so much from my meditation practice & where i draw a good deal of my inspiration from: nature-scapes/mother earth & all you can find in them in: specifically california nature - from the mountains to the deserts to the seas, lakes & forests.  included in these special boxes are hand made & glazed ceramic pieces & specific collected flora to make a collection purposefully put together to bring the meditator/knoller, a new experience innumerable times each sitting.  it is extremely satisfying, centering & brings a great deal of equanimity to ones space to sit with these & create a new formation each time... to consider shape, color, feel, interaction, & relational qualities of each piece to another. 

all of the ceramic pieces are hand-formed, sculpted, then cleaned, fired twice, sanded, & glazed by hand. the nature flora come from my personal collections that i've been amassing for many years; shells, rocks, bones, driftwood, stones, pods, glass, dry leaves & plants, pottery shards, beach treasures, moss, ocean bits & bobs, seaweeds...  these boxes are meant to add a meditative quality to your day & evoke thoughtful feelings, memories, inspiration, musings, & perhaps what you might wish to bring to your day.  they will sit well with your other meaningful objects on display.  i love making these collections & set speaks to me as i hope the collection of your choosing will speak to you as well.  

*all of my glazes are non-toxic.  each collection is in my studio & ready to ship & all come in a custom made wooden box to house your collection in.

inspirational quotes go along with all of my pieces & this collection is named diamonds & rust : 

"Here comes your ghost againBut that's not unusualIt's just that the moon is full

You brought me somethingWe both know what memories can bringThey bring diamonds and rust" -Joan Baez