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jenifer lake

one of a kind ceramic statuette sculpture; barnacle house piece

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each & every one of these statuette sculptures are hand-formed with many detailed clay objects that are hand sculpted & slip set on; then cleaned, incised with fine designs, fired twice, sanded, & glazed by hand. these special works take many, many hours to design & make.  the meticulous, meditative nature of getting the repeated objects *just so* is part of the beauty & realization of the lengthy sacred times these take.  the statuettes weight feel lovely in the hand & the white matte glaze used on the majority of them is a joy to feel. these sculptures are meant to evoke thoughtful feelings, memories, inspiration, musings, dreamy inroads in your day, & more.  they will sit well with your other meaningful objects on display.  i absolutely love making these busts & attaching different hand formed natural clay objects that speak to me, objects that have come out of my head & other pieces that lend a way to think more freely on what might be happening for these head pieces.  

these are glazed with mostly matte white glazes; all of my glazes are non-toxic.

perfect for your sacred spaces or to enhance any area in your home: your art wall, bookcase, office desk, garden space, nursery or any other room needing some sculptural upgrades~!  these are in my studio & ready to ship.

inspirational quotes go along with these & here is one that evokes the feeling of this special piece:

"When the wind blew,

You couldn't stand still --

Under you, sand shifted;

Around you, dunes rose

And fell in waves

Like the still-undiscovered sea.


You had to change your footing.

You had to move, too."

-Gregory Orr