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jenifer lake

sun loves moon, horizontal, long weekend edition moon phases wall hanging

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one special edition sun loves moon phases with a gold moon center!

this golden moon center piece wall hanging is a special edition favorite; i've made a few of these as smaller vertical hangings for one of my favorite bay area stores, long weekend (pictured last). this new one is elongated, with more pieces & with a much larger drape, & it hangs horizontally at approximately 5 feet across on pretty, supple tan goat leather. each & every piece of these wall hangings are cut, cleaned, dried, fired, glazed by hand, sanded & fired again. the moon pieces are all fairly chunky & glazed with a lovely clear transparent white. each piece & glaze will vary slightly as they are all handmade & sometimes specks & other magical glaze bits give variation to the pieces.  the center piece is a beautiful, gold, metallic overglaze & in total has been fired 3 times. the gold content is 8% true gold.  these are part of my ongoing moon wall hanging series.  you will receive one horizontal wall hanging with 9 pieces.  

inspired by this quote --

Tell me the story..
About how the sun loved the moon so much..
That she died every night..
Just to let him breathe...
Hanako Ishii

perfect for your art wall, office, door, nursery, reading nook, or any other room needing some lovely wall work! these are in my studio & ready to ship.