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jenifer lake

sold - green(s) ‘clarity’ eucalyptus hanging

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this eucalyptus wall hanging is made up of 9 beautiful fired clay leaves; highly detailed, they have been impressed into the clay body, cut, cleaned, dried, sanded, carefully glazed & fired to arrive at their current lovely state.  they have been attached with sturdy hemp twine to the collected driftwood & hung on supple tan goat leather.  all of my clay & glazes are non-toxic.  these hangings embody my love for california & the bay area.  this piece is about 2 feet across.  

perfect for your art wall, office, door, nursery, reading nook, or any other room needing some lovely wall work! these are in my studio & ready to ship.

inspired by this quote --

Some people, some nations, are permanently in shade. Some people cast a shadow. Lengths of elongated darkness precede them, even in church or when the sun is in, as they say, mopped up by the dirty cloth of the could. A puddle of dark forms around their feet. It's very pine like. The pine and darkness are one. Eucalyptus are unusual in this respect: set pendulously their leaves allow see-through foliage which in turn produces a frail patterned sort of shade, if at all. Clarity, lack of darkness-these might be called 'eucalyptus qualities'. -Murray Bail